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Powerful Parenting® Training Feedback!



“So many of us focus on rewards and punishments as parents. Today was just excellent!! Empowering. You as a presenter should be talking to a packed stadium and to huge audiences - you are wasted on smaller participants. I know now how to bring about change. Thank you" Jen Cameron

“This presentation was simply FANTASTIC! Wow. Interesting. Educational, entertaining and so stimulating! THANK YOU! What a very new approach for me! I feel I needed to come and listen to this and then purchase the whole program to consolidate my learning. Absolutely I think other parents need this. I would love to see you teach at our school!" Aniko Major



“Miss Sharry, every parent I know needs this! I need the full program as I want reinforcement on what I have learned tonight. I have just learnt about Reactive Behaviour Management for the first time! This was really great. So inspiring." Aaron Loffel

“Excellent. I am so pleased I came to this presentation. I know now how to teach and encourage rather than punish. I wish you could spread this to every home and school. A Davina Sharry column in the paper weekly please!" Kaye Murphy

“I went to the Powerful Parenting Presentation last night! Brilliant I want to be a more consistent, calmer parent and not get too stressed around my child. This presentation was excellent. What did I learn as a result of the presentation - everything! I can't wait to start these techniques and read all the steps in the program. This program will absolutely help others because it works! It has inspired me to start this with my son straight away!" Melissa Ridgway

“I thought this presentation would be useful and I could learn new skills. It was excellent! These skills of behaviour need to be learnt, and this has definitely given me direction! Brilliant! I will purchase the program. This program needs to be throughout all the schools and accessible to all parents!! Fantastic program and I feel very inspired!" Sophia Anderson

“This was absolutely excellent. We gained so much out of those 2 hours and believed we instantly improved our parenting approach. We, of course, now wish to complete the entire course. Well done Davina, the world needs you and your parenting techniques! Thank you!" Monica and Shane Caligiuri

“We did the Powerful Parenting course. It was absolutely excellent. I have increased my children's chores, and groundings, curfews, no dinner until jobs are completed... And now I know why these are just not working. It's time for me to change, and for me to enjoy my kids, have fun and teach and grow with them. So many parents were brought up the way we treat our children! The cycle can be broken and redirected in a more constructive way. We can create a new generation with this information." E.Barbarich

“Brilliant - Captivating! You had us all spell-bound!"

“Honestly, I was thinking during this presentation: This was the BEST, most helpful Professional Development I think I have ever attended! Definitely, parents need this. Thank you!"

“This should be compulsory for all parents! AWESOME! What a great presenter! I will not only take these skills into the classroom, but into my own home!! I absolutely agree, parents need this and to follow your strategies and steps! I loved all of it!! LOVED IT!!"

“AMAZING! So inspirational!! I learnt today how to manage so many children at one time. Parents need this SO MUCH!!! THANK YOU!!!"

“This was awesome and I mean awesome. Great! To the point, very factual. I have learnt that the language I use when talking to children needs to build confidence/fun and pride. This was a great opportunity to learn how to start from the ground up and change my behaviour. Yes... This could help other teachers." Travis O - Teacher

“I am a counselor and I specialise in child therapy so I am always looking for helpful and useful strategies. This was so well researched. I love these new strategies. Most of us are still thinking, and all using, old techniques - which are not working. I will recommend Powerful Parenting to my parents." Liz Cowen

“What Davina Sharry is offering is something, I think, that is really wonderful and I cannot more highly recommend it. I don't often put things like this in our 'Speakers Program Newsletter', but I've often written, 'This is a MUST!' above her courses. ' Don't miss this whatever you do! Don't drive past, come in and do this course because I think this is something very special! I really recommend this to you!" Lionel Fifield - Director, Relaxation Centre of Queensland for National and International Speakers

“Thank you so much! I was truly inspired by the talk you gave last Saturday. Having recently been referred to our Paediatrician and on to a Psychologist for assessment of my youngest child (by her school), I was on the lookout for any and all ideas which might help with her aggressive behaviours. It was surprisingly a very moving experience for me, and highlighted a lot...It has also been so very surprising to us that by implementing only a couple of the strategies from the program - it has totally turned our household on its head! By just focusing on a few of your communication techniques my youngest (known for her rebellious, demanding nature) fell straight into line and became a pleasure and compliant person to deal with! I'm feeling so optimistic about the weeks ahead. Kindest regards, all our appreciation!" J. Boyd

“I enjoyed every word! I never lost concentration! I've learnt that parents need to change as much as the children! I will do these strategies for myself as much as for the kids and hopefully will have a more stress-free household. The Powerful Parenting Program is very easy to understand and you can do it in your day to day life!" Rochelle Cole

“On behalf of the Gold Coast Library Service, we thank Powerful Parenting Australia for taking part in our 'Child Development' program. We received such excellent feedback in relation to your presentation on 'Powerful Parenting' held at our Southport Branch Library, Gold Coast. Participants all agreed that it was a fantastic opportunity, and noted both your professionalism and passion during the presentation. Thank you again for your generous support and participation. We look forward to working with you again in the near future." Alison Kemp - Executive Coordinator Library Customer Services for the Chief Executive

“This presentation was so very engaging and entertaining. This program should be in every school. I shall be absolutely recommending Powerful Parenting. Anything like this that comes from love is so good." Marion Child

“10 out of 10! Love your passion!!! Please keep up this good work!! We have tried everything! All the time-outs, the chairs, punishments, staying in the bedroom... Today I learnt the steps I need, and how to manage behaviour with lots of love." Russell Powers