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The Powerful Parenting™ Program


Powerful Behaviour and Family Management Strategies that Work!

Our product is a powerful behaviour and family management program for parents who want to succeed with their with their parenting and family and behaviour management. Years in the making, the Powerful Parenting™ Program is based on years of success working with children and is for children of all ages, from three years of age to upper primary. Regardless of the behaviours or ages you are dealing with, this powerful ‘Parent-and-Child’ training program will cater to your child’s individual needs, and will work!

Unlike other programs available, Powerful Parenting–12 simple steps to behaviour success!  is not about reacting to behaviour and short term change. The Powerful Parenting™ Program puts adults back in the driver’s seat where they belong, and shows them step by step how to prevent problems and ensure long term, genuine change takes place!

At Powerful Parenting Australia, we are committed to giving parents the skills they need for success; and children the skills they deserve for life!

The Powerful Parenting™ Program will take
the guess work out of parenting for you.

The powerful strategies and principles underpinning the Powerful Parenting™ Program have succeeded with a multitude of different children with varying behaviour and social needs — and will work for you and your child too. We can honestly say that every parent who has fully implemented the Powerful Parenting™ Program has experienced change and success! And this makes us very excited!

We are confident the Powerful Parenting™ Program will transform your parenting, and will bring about huge changes you and your family deserve!


Part One — Understanding Behaviour

Parents! Time-out chairs, naughty mats, rewards and punishments are frustratingly ineffective and highly problematic. Put simply: They don’t work! Today’s children need more than rewards and punishments. They need us to be skilled in family and behaviour management!

Part one of the Powerful Parenting™ Program looks at behaviour today, why our reactions to behaviour are failing and then outlines a powerful, highly-effective alternative that works with children of all ages.


Part One of the Program will show you:

  • How to avoid the problems and pitfalls so many adults encounter when managing behaviour
  • Why so many behaviour programs fail to bring about genuine change
  • How to avoid failure-prone tactics that make behaviours problems worse
  • How to implement a powerful and skilled system of preventative behaviour management
  • What is happening to behaviour in school and childcare
  • What is 'behaviour'?
  • Why the apparent breakdown in behaviour?
  • How does society typically deal with behaviour?
  • Why our typical approach to behaviour is problematic and failing
  • Preventative behaviour management - The powerful alternative!


Part Two — The Powerful 12 Step Solution

Part Two of the Program is the powerful 12 step solution. All 12 steps have been specfically designed to work in-conjunction with one another, and will inform and support your parenting long-term, as your child transitions from childhood to those challenging teenage years! Each step is a powerful agent for change in its own right, but also plays a crucial role to the Program in its entirity. The comprehensive nature of this Program ensures every family will experience success!


Step 1: Eliminate factors outside the programme that could adversely affect behaviour
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Step 2: Create a home environment to help you succeed with behaviour
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Step 3: Teach behaviour that empowers your child
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Step 4A:  Learn powerful communication techniques
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Step 4B:  Learn which toxic language that makes behaviour worse
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Step 5: Actions to prevent behavioural issues happening
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Step 6: Learn about using 'meaningful consequences' to create change!
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Step 7: Teach the power of making the right choices
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Step 8: Teach skilled independent problem-solving
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Step 9: Avoid making the issues worse with your own disruptive behaviours
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Step 10: Develop a relationship of love with your child
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Step 11: Build their self esteem and develop your child’s inner voice
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Step 12: Create the change in yourself to positively impact your child
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Final Words
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“I have worked for Education Queensland for 20 years. Since I have put these behavioural methods into practice, I have been amazed at the positive response in these students!”  Veronica Garthe - Rochedale South                                   

“We had used a number of techniques including time-out with our challenging behaviours... We found the strategies and language techniques of the Powerful Parenting Program wonderful! I have been recommending Powerful Parenting to everyone! I think it would be so beneficial for all educators to be involved in this insightful program!” Kelly Harte – Director Grosvenor Hall Childcare Centre


Let the Powerful Parenting™ Program help you too!

The Powerful Parenting™ Program will take the worry and stress out of parenting for you by giving you the clear and effective answers you need to bring about lasting changes to your child's social-emotional development and behaviour. The 'heavy lifting' and hard work has already been done. The principles and numerous strategies that have laid the foundation for this program have been tested, proven highly successful, and are in use by parents as we speak who have invested in the Powerful Parenting™ Program and now enjoy the results!

The program is down-to-earth, user-friendly and does not waste one moment on abstract theories or the same old worn-out strategies found over and over again in so many typical programs out there. The communication it will teach you to use; the numerous practical ideas; and the strategies that will ensure your child gets the behaviour skills they need to succeed-are all interwoven throughout this program and are unique. Some of the same strategies used in support and intervention programs to ensure children learn academically have been incorporated into the 12 step program, and result in the Powerful Parenting™ Program being a high impact agent for change.

All you need to do is decide today to get the same powerful strategies and answers that have helped so many other children and families. You won't look back, and we really want to stress: There is absolutely no advantage in waiting or delaying things further. Be the leader your family needs. Download the Powerful Parenting Program to learn how to expertly manage and prevent problems, and set yourself and your family up to achieve the peaceful, fulfilling and happy lives you all deserve.


Behaviour can be a problem for parents and educators who don't have a powerful system of behaviour management that works in the long-term.

  • No ongoing specialist appointments!
  • No expensive consultancy fees
  • No academic jargon
  • No more searching for the ‘answers'
  • No more punishments, yelling or tension
  • Step-by-step and practical
  • Fun and easy-to-implement
  • Solve behaviour management issues for years to come!
  • Achieve great success as a family!
  • For amazing results and genuine change!


"Having helped so many children achieve success with their behaviour at school, it is truly wonderful Powerful Parenting is now available for parents so they can achieve the same success at home!"

Patrizia Di Marco B.Arts; Grad. Dip. Teach; Senior Curriculum Coordinator Education Queensland


“This program is so original. It's packed full of original strategies and steps all parents can follow to succeed with their parenting and behaviour."  Y. Aksornnit, Sydney Australia                                                                        

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