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Presentation Feedback

Thank you for your participation in this feedback process. Every bit of feedback we receive helps to confirm things and improve the quality of the program and information given to parents.
Davina Sharry – Director Powerful Parenting Australia

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1. Had you been seeking assistance with your parenting or behaviour management? (What types of problems were you experiencing as a family and what things had you tried already?) Why did you attend the presentation?


2. What is your opinion about the actual presentation – Interesting? Well-paced? Easy to understand? Boring? Engaging? Entertaining?


3. What did you learn during the presentation, and what will change for you as a result?


4. After the presentation, did you purchase the Powerful Parenting® Program? In a few words could you explain why, or why not, so we understand?                       


5. Finally, do you think the Powerful Parenting® Program and or presentation could help other parents looking for assistance and needing help? Why do you think this?


“Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback! We appreciate it!” Davina Sharry – Director Powerful Parenting Australia